Qwikwire officially released AQWIRE’s minimum viable product (MVP) on October 8. AQWIRE is a global real estate marketplace that allows cross-border real-estate transactions using blockchain technology to eliminate roadblocks that are encountered while buying international real estate properties.

MVP is a version of a new product which only has a basic set of features released in order to test a new business idea and gauge the reactions of people with the least amount of effort.

The first version of AQWIRE will allow property developers to list their properties, while property buyers will have access to over 2,000 units from the 3 real estate companies available in the platform.

The platform will integrate cryptocurrency gateway through Qwikwire’s virtual currency (VC) exchange partner, SCI, to be able to process cryptocurrencies, namely; ethereum, bitcoin, litecoin, and ripple and convert it to fiat currency.

The second stage of its MVP is currently under development and will add dashboard for property developers and brokers to enhance user experience. The future update will integrate the utilities of the QEY tokens, which will give access to message management system for brokers, efficient allocation of human resources, and availability of payment invoice and summary reports. Future development will include live data trends in real estate investments and market reports.

One of the 3 available real estate developers in the platform is Revolution Precrafted, a global supplier of prefabricated homes, pavilions and other structures, and the only unicorn startup in the country with a valuation of over US$1 billion. Users will also be able to view the listing of New Nordic Group, a Hong Kong-based real estate firm developing real estate projects across South East Asia. Qwikwire is set to get more property developers onboard in Asian countries like Philippines, Thailand and Japan.

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