On September 1, 2018, NEM Philippines celebrated its first anniversary at Punta Mandala bar in Mandaluyong City. The event was attended by NEM supporters and partners in the Philippines.

As expected, the key leaders and executives were the highlights of the event. I had the pleasure of hearing from these great leaders about NEM projects and its impact to our lives.

The leaders who attended the event were the ff. :

  • Nelson Valero, council member of NEM Foundation
  • Richard Tiu, Strategic Alliance and Partnership Director of NEM Philippines
  • Paolo Bediones, COO of LoyalCoins
  • Eli Becislao, Co-founder of CEstates
  • Fruvy Rivera, Founder and CEO of CashCart
  • Fred Saurat, Founder of KryptoFootball

They all shared a similar tone of enthusiasm when they told their stories and visions for their individual projects. They gave insights on where the local industry is headed to and how NEM will play a crucial role in it. As a newcomer in the blockchain industry, I am equally excited to get to meet the local team behind the NEM blockchain up close and personal. Well, I have learned a lot from them, to say the least.

Little did I know that NEM Philippines was actually a product of the efforts of a guy who started as a social media manager for NEM. This guy was already a blockchain and crypto enthusiast as early as 2013. It was at that time as well when he created a crypto trading group to train selected people on how to trade cryptocurrencies. Fast forward to 2016, he volunteered to be the NEM social media manager and started to create telegram groups for NEM Philippines, NEM Singapore, NEM Malaysia, NEM Dubai, Ukraine, Russia and Latin America. He maintained the NEM helpdesk support where he answered questions and inquiries from Facebook groups, Twitter, and Reddit.

In 2017, he was officially hired as a council member of the NEM Foundation. He started forming the teams in different countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, Ukraine, Vietnam, Russia, Latin America and of course, Philippines, where he mentored the team members in each country. This guy, Nelson Valero, is also now the regional head of NEM Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). There is no surprise that the people he mentored from the crypto trading group back in 2013 are now the key people in the NEM Philippines. One of them is Emerson Fonseca who is now the country head of NEM Philippines.

The strong camaraderie they had from the crypto trading group served as an influence in forming the team’s culture. Members of NEM Philippines team share the same vision of shaping the country to be one of the thought leaders in the global blockchain industry.

“I believe there is a strong need in the Blockchain technology and since this is still very new. One of our priorities is really to educate students and all the people who are new with the Blockchain,” country head of NEM PH, Emerson Fonseca told Bitchikka.

The team is very strong in making its presence known to different sectors of our society. In the academe sector, they have partnered with several universities like STI, Ateneo De Manila University, and De La Salle University to spread awareness and get the students involved while the tech is still at is nascent stage. In the government sector, they have partnered with CEZA to push for blockchain education and projects in the local region.

We are also looking forward to more government agency to tie up with us and facing serious problems that we can implement on the NEM Blockchain including voting and national ID as such, Emerson Fonseca shared to Bitchikka.

In the business and enterprise sector, NEM PH has partnered with several startup companies to use the NEM platform.

The team believes that NEM Philippines will be bigger in terms of partners in academe, enterprise, and government and is looking forward to seeing more great projects to work with them.

Behind all these exciting NEM-based projects and partnerships is a great team of people driven by the passion to advocate the technology and put the Philippines ahead of the curve. The local organization’s mission has always been to put Filipinos in the forefront of the blockchain revolution. I believe this is something that is attainable as long as they stay consistent in their efforts. Knowing who the key leaders are behind the project removes all doubt in the future of blockchain here in the Philippines. I can say that with the initiative of these people, the industry is off to a great start.

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