Veronica Andrino is an advocate of the positive use of blockchain technology and aspires to educate Filipinos to prevent misconception about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that proliferated early this year after the value of bitcoin skyrocketed.

She is very enthusiastic about the technology and she is hoping that the country will be able to adopt the technology because of how it can potentially help solve many problems in the country. 

How it all started
In 2015, Veronica got introduced to the technology through her friends from Amsterdam and Sweden. What endeared her the most about the technology were the benefits that it could potentially bring to the community, the government and enterprises. 

She first bought her bitcoins in early 2016 for the price of $300–$400. She later sold it for $2,000 and was fairly happy with the profit she made. Her bitcoin tradings paved the way for her to get acquainted with many like-minded individuals, who share the same interest as her. She also met the blockchain community in Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Dubai, Canada and the United States, and there she learned many things about cryptocurrencies from the multitudes she met from those places.

Favorite cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects
Veronica likes ether (ETH), ripple (XRP), stellar (XLM). Her favorite blockchain projects are those that are related to smart and sustainable projects because they offer solutions to the country and smart cities. She is particularly fond of a project that incentivizes the people to clean the oceans and rivers as a way to promote smart and sustainable tourism.

Outside the blockchain space
Veronica blogs as a hobby and writes her travel experiences at She also used to provide advertising solutions to companies and would probably still do it if she is not in the blockchain space. Despite that, she humorously stated, “There’s no life without blockchain.”

Veronica’s Highlights of 2018 and expectations for 2019
This year, she has been most excited about Boracay Blockchain Summit that she helped organize to promote Philippines as the next smart country. The summit was organized to assist the government to bring international projects to the country and promote the Philippines as the next destination for “smart ecotourism blockchain event.”

Veronica is looking forward to seeing more blockchain-related projects and activities in the Philippines next year. She believes that there are many Filipinos who have what it takes to make it big in the industry.

When asked if it is a good time to invest, Veronica confidently stated,

“It is the perfect time to come to the Philippines and start investing and building a community.”

She added that there are many good projects in her motherland that deserve exposure and believes that 2019 is the perfect time to make it happen. She is also looking forward to seeing more merchants and businesses accept cryptocurrencies in the future and provide remittance and payment solutions to Filipinos.


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